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Spojená škola, Slančíkovej 2, Nitra
Organizačná zložka Hotelová akadémia
Slančíkovej 2
950 50  Nitra

Phone number:
00421-03769250 + extension
Fax: 00421-0377336224
e-mail: ha@spsnr.edu.sk,               skola@spsnr.edu.sk

Hotel academy was established in Nitra in academic year 1994/1995. The idea it’s establishment was to supply qualified graduates for the region’s developing tourism and travel industry.
The school prepares students for management and operation activities in the hotel and catering establishments, as well as separate business. Educational priorities are economic disciplines involved in collecting and processing information in the provision of services, procurement, human resources, administration and accounting as well as preparation to deal with technology driven processes in food service.

The essential part of the study is professional training and practice that provides knowledge of the environment and conditions in which the graduates work. Apart from the professional disciplines students receive general education as prerequisities for a successful profession or follow-up forms of study in graduate business schools as well as other fields.

During the study, students are encouraged to be responsible for the results for the study, to be independent and to get the most prerequisities for professional work. This is supported by facilities that meet the requirements of modern education. The school has specialized classrooms for teaching foreign languages, catering, technology of food preparation, practice, typing, accounting and information technologies. It has the internet access and special classrooms for information and communication technologies.

The study at the Hotel academy is a good precondition for obtaining the skills necessary for applying in various professional activities in the field of tourism, catering, economy, trade and services. School graduates are ready to move successfully in the market environment in the catering, tourism and business or pursue higher education.
Behind these achievements lies a lot of work and effort of the school management, qualified teaching staff, pupils and parents. The school has well established and functioning cooperation with professional associations, organizations and universities. As well as the links with several similar partner school and other qualified places for work experience abroad.

The school management:
Ing. Libor Kabát, PhD. Ing. Oľga Baláková PaedDr. Bibiana Fitalová
Ing. Libor
Kabát, PhD.
Deputy director
Ing. Oľga Baláková
Deputy director
PaedDr. Bibiana Fitalová